• Grade 3 & 4 students coding Ozobot

    Children paper coding Ozobot
  • Build interactive circuits with Arduino

    Arduino Circuit
  • Embed computational thinking into structured play with Robot Mouse

    Children coding Robot Mouse
  • Teachers programming Edison to do a trick

    Teachers programming Edison
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We equip teachers with the pedagogy, technological skills, and physical tools they need to embed computational thinking and coding into their classrooms. Our engaging, age-appropriate activities are linked to Saskatchewan curricula and use robotics that students love to learn with.



Location:  441 – Witney Ave. North:  There is only on street parking.  Please use the front doors and all PD sessions will be hosted in the gym which is the first door to the left of the main entrance.

PD sessions are now FULL. Please email billf@saskatooniec.ca to be put onto a waiting list.  Please indicate which PD sessions you are interested in.  Thanks for all of your interest.

Interested in PD?

Hello School Divisions, if you are interested in SaskCode coming to your community to provide Coding and Robotics PD for your school division, email us and we will work together with you to meet your educational needs.

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Meet the 'bots

Robot Mouse

Robot Mouse

Site: Learning Resources

Grade range: K-2

How it works: Students use coding cards to create a set of instructions for Robot Mouse to get around. It sounds easy enough, but this mouse needs to find its way through mazes and to solve puzzles along the way.



Site: Ozobot

Grade range: 3-4

How it works: Ozobot is a line-tracking robot that is programmed using colour codes and to complete a broad range of tasks. It can either scan codes off of paper or be programmed using a block-based coding language.



Site: Meet Edison

Grade range: 5-6

How it works: Edison can be programmed to complete tasks using one of three coding languages (block-based, a Python variant, or a hybrid language) or scannable barcodes. It comes equipped with a variety of sensors such as sound, infrared tracking, and light tracking. Part of what makes Edison so engaging is that it is covered with pegs that allow it to connect to Lego and other similar building blocks to create elaborate projects.

LilyPad Arduino

LilyPad Arduino

Site: Sparkfun

Grade range: 7-8

How it works: LilyPad is small in size, but comes with an Arduino microcontroller that can run off of a watch battery. Combined with buttons, sensors, and LEDs, LilyPad can be used to create a variety of programmable wearables that are integrated into clothing and other textiles. As it features an Arduino chip, it can be programmed using BlocklyDuino or through a command line interface.

Arduino Uno


Site: Arduino

Grade range: 7-8

How it works: The Arduino Uno is an expandable control board that features an Arduino microcontroller and a whole bunch of ways to interact with it. The Uno can be used to create autonomous cars, manage home automation, and just about anything else you can think of. It can be programmed using BlocklyDuino or through a command line interface.

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